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Visual AI Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel SmartEye H5800


Product Overview:

SmartEye H5800 is a ground-breaking visual intelligent fire alarm system features with Artificial Intelligent machine learning and IoT technology. Meanwhile it does not change any wiring structure of the traditional analogue addressable fire alarm system. 

Adopting PLC-loT & 4G communication modules, Atlas 200 AI computing module, 15-inch touch screen, and other advanced technology and components, the fire alarm control panel SmartEye H5800 integrates functions of fire alarm control panel, such as graphical display and fire information transmission. It can bring us peace of mind, for we can check the video on the panel visually in real-time. If the alarm confirmed, we can start a one-click emergency plan in the security control room, which can resolve the traditional fire alarm system problems of high false alarm rate and slow response, and prevent or lower the loss of life and properties.

It is mostly applied to sectors requiring earlier alarm, such as Petrochemical industry, large industrial parks, substations, power distribution rooms, wind turbine cabins, underground pipe corridors, subways, tunnels, telecom base stations, computer rooms, data centers, archives, warehouses, important places for high-value assets, and places with high fire risks , flammable and explosive dangerous places, unattended places, remote places with frequent false alarms and other key locations.

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Characteristics And Benefits: 

Extremely Accurate 

Combining of multi-sensor fire detection and image recognition technology, the application scenario artificial intelligence portrait technology, continuously self-learning, and optimization and adjustment automatically of sensitivities in different places, it can greatly reduce the high rate of false alarm of traditional fire detector, that will make our users No hassles, No problems, No worries.

Extremely Fast

Optimized fire judgment algorithm and communication protocol, it will greatly reduce the response time in the initial stage of fire (from 8-10 seconds to less than 2 seconds), and minimize the loss of life and property caused by fire.

Extremely Simple

With 2-wire system with minimal wiring and simple MMI interface, the operation buttons and status indicators on the control panel are reduced from at least 50-60 to the necessary 6 buttons and 7 indicators, and the rest are only displayed on the large touch LCD screen when needed.


Extremely Intelligent

Supporting with Intelligent image recognition fire determination, intelligent fire situation awareness, intelligent application scene learning recognition, intelligent face recognition operation authorization management, intelligent voice alarm evacuation, intelligent remote maintenance and many other artificial intelligence technologies.


Extremely Powerful

Single panel integrates fire alarm control panel, graphic display device, video and digital information transmission, and many other functions.


Extremely Economical

The advanced system can help you save a lot of labor, cable, space, and trouble. 


Mains Supply

Input 220VAC (+10%, -15%), 50Hz±1


36VDC/3A; 12VDC/7A


DC12V 6Ah x 3 units, VRLA


192 addresses per loop, maximum 384 addresses, and can be expandable. Traditional detectors and visual detectors can be mixed addressed, and so do with the programmed devices and notification units, which can be set according to actual needs. Signal circuit line: two-wire bus (no polarity), using RVS twisted pair, cross-sectional area ≥ 1.5 mm2, maximum communication distance 1500 meters. 15 inch Touch Screen.


RS485,USB,Ethernet,Optical fibre,4G,WiFi6,blue tooth


475mm*365mm*120mm (H*W*D)

Net Weight

15.5Kg Elegance appearance with high strength aluminum alloy body and battery.

Operating Environment


Relative Humidity

≤95RH ( 40°C±2°C)

System Structure

System Diagram

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