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Solutions for Transformer Substation

The risk of a transformer causing a fire is low, but the consequences can be very severe if it does occur. The Visual AI fire alarm system H5800 is for good fire protection purpose.

Commercial Building Complex

A commercial complex is a combination of multi-functions of urban living society such as commerce, office, residence, hotel, catering, conference, and entertainment in the city, and establishes a mutually beneficial initiative among the various parts. It integrates multiple features and has the characteristics of high cost, a large flow of people, and a complex structure...

Solution for Financial

Financial institutions mainly consist of banks, securities and insurance industries. They shall be watched over their properties such as money storage, data center and equipment rooms, where gas fire extinguishing system is installed as well...

Solutions for Hospitals

Hospitals are special places. Considering complicated conditions in hospitals, it is hard to perform fire fighting, evacuation and rescue when fire occurs. The unique risks caused by locations like hospitals are critically in need of fire safety systems of the highest safety, performance and reliability. Therefore, early fire detection and alarm should run to buy more time before it is too late...

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