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PowerLeader Computer Industrial Park, Shenzhen, China

PowerLeader Computer Industrial Park consists of PowerLeader Cloud Data Center and some buildings of high-tech companies. PowerLeader Cloud Computing Data Center is located in PowerLeader Park which we mainly introduce this part here.

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The computer room of PowerLeader Cloud Data Center is approxi 6,000 square meters per building (total 3 buildings), 1000 racks (in sum of 2,900 racks). With redundant line structure it can ensure high speed and reliability of network. The facilities in the computer room are powered by two mains supplies, three of 2000KW generators (with the underground oil depot can run for 8 hours with full load), and UPS. The air supply method adopts the downward delivery and upper return, the closed cold aisle air supply mode on the second and third floors, and the precise air supply method on the fourth floor. Independent temperature control area to ensure ventilation, constant temperature, constant humidity. For fire protection system it is equipped with fire alarm system of OZH4800 and VESDA aspirating detection system, and gas fire extinguishing system to ensure peace of mind. It also adopts fire fighting system IG541, which is harmless to human body, and wheeled fire extinguishers.

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