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Stand-Alone Heat Alarm JD503




◆ Proven detection performance


◆ Fast and reliable heat sensor


◆ LED operation indicator


◆ Automatic self-test feature


◆ Low-battery warning


◆ Test button verifies battery and alarm operation




Rated voltage: DC 3.0V

Quiescent current: ≤10uA

Sound pressure level: 80dB

Alarm current: ≤100mA

Working frequency band: 433MHz/Band3, Band5, Band8

Alarm temperature: ≥55℃

Working temperature: -10℃-100℃

Relative humidity: ≤95%RH (40℃±2℃)

Output form: sound and light alarm

Executive standard: GB 4716-2005

Weight: about 150g (including battery)

Wireless Communication optional: 433/NB

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The heat alarm JD503 is 9V battery operated, loud sound level, microprocessor inside with expert. algorithm software

It maximizes the chances of tangible sales. The design of this product is eye-catching and exclusive enough for individuals to notice.


1.Can you send your staff to install the equipment for us?
Yes, it shall be on your cost.
2.Which certificate do you have for your equipment?
Orena products are CCC approved, our customized products can be certified by UL or EN standards.
3.Do you have any agent in our country? How can I to be your agent in my country?
Depending on where you are, please can you write to sales@orena.com.cn for details.


1.With 25 years of experience in fire alarm industry, Orena becomes one of the top manufacturers of fire detection and notification products in China.
2.Orena is well known among the customers for advanced technology, high stability, and reliability in fire alarm industry.
3.Orena follows the standardization rules for a rigorous production process, saving time and cost for both parties and bringing maximum benefits to you always.
4.By now a hundred million Orena products are operating at over 30,000 large buildings in more than 500 cities across the world.

About Orena

A Leading fire alarm system manufacturer since 1995. ORENA was established in Oregon USA and Shenzhen China respectively in 1995. Focusing on the development and manufacturing of fire alarm systems, by now we become one of the top manufacturers of fire detection and notification products in China. Twenty five years experience in fire alarm industry, Tens of thousands square meters of factory building, Hundreds of skilled employees, Most of advanced manufacturing facilities and equipment were introduced to ORENA , with which help guarantee the best manufacturing quality and capacity. Advanced technology and strong capabilities ensure ORENA serves the society better in the security field and keep us growing continuously as a trusted leader across the spectrum of today's fire alarm industry. ORENA has formed a strategic partnership alliance with one of Fortune Global 500, keeps tracking the world’ s advanced fire alarm technologies, making its products always in the lead of the industry. Orena fire alarm products are installed all over China, exported to the United States, Germany, Czech, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, Southeast Asia, and so on in more than 50 countries and regions, well known among the customers for advanced technology, high stability, and reliability. For those seeking a relationship built on honesty, trust, expertise, cost-effective and performance, there is no better choice in today's fire alarm industry than ORENA.

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