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Jin Central International Business Building

Jin Central International Business Building is located in the core area of CBD, Shenzhen.

The main building below the 16th floor is a business apartment, the above is an entire office building (Grade A), and the annex building is a business apartment. Total 53 floors of the main building, 15 floors in the annex. It adopts Orena addressable fire alarm system OZH4800 and field devices.

The building is closed to the International Convention and Exhibition Center, and is a new generation of ecological office model. It is the only subway superstructure in the city that has two subway entrances and four first-level "ground" floors at the same time with a three-dimensional transportation network extending in all directions.

With commercial streets and large-scale commercial centers such as Central Axis Jingdao International and Yijing Central City, unique hotel-style services and original 5A intelligent system with 31 aerial garden designs, it is large commercial complex with the subway superstructure that has two subway entrances and four ground floors extending in all directions; there are four subways you can go for the International Convention and Exhibition Center. 

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