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Smoke Alarm Kidsmart Case Study

KidSmart /SignalOne Safety Vocal Smoke Alarm, customized for our client from the US and UL217 certified in April 2006, was the first UL listed smoke detector in China Fire Alarm Industry. It sells very well in Home Depot, Target, RadioShack, and Ace Hardware in large quantity.

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Challenge: There are over 400,000 home fires each year in the United States. Young children are at particularly high risk in home fires. In fact, each year more than 40,000 children under age 14 are seriously injured or killed in these residential fires. Conventional smoke alarms have two serious limitations. First, although extremely loud, these alarms do not reliably awaken children, many children sleep right through the beeping. Second, if the child does wake up, these meaningless sounds give no instruction about what to do to escape the fire. Children do not naturally know what to do in these emergencies. Sometimes they attempt to hide under beds or in closets, which can have tragic consequences. 


Please refer to the video from some Vocal Smoke Alarm Tests in night vision and NBC news.



Solution: The Vocal Smoke Alarm’s method of recording a parent’s voice addresses both of these problems. It is a new smoke alarm system based on children’s sleep and auditory patterns. It detects smoke, but uses an innovative method to inform the child of the fire. The Vocal Smoke Alarm supplements the high-pitched beeps of conventional alarms with spoken instructions recorded by parents or other caregivers. Of course, parents rescue their children whenever possible, but when they can’t get there, the Vocal Smoke Alarm provides the next best thing. The Vocal Smoke Alarm brings your voice to your child when he or she needs it the most. 


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Features: This Vocal Smoke Alarm is the only smoke alarm that enables you to record a message using your own voice. Research studies from different independent testing authorities have shown that using a familiar voice dramatically increases the chances of awakening a child, compared to traditional smoke alarm. The child hears the familiar voice message and is less afraid and disoriented and is able to follow the recorded instructions to exit the household.


Comparison Chart


Benefits for client: Orena provided ODM service for the American client KidSmart and supported them to sell this product in bulk to The Home Depot, Target, RadioShack, Ace Hardware. Orena is the first Chinese manufacturer whose smoke detectors have passed the rigorous testing by UL laboratory in Chicago, USA.



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