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Portable Superfine Dry Powder ABCEF Fire Extinguisher MFJ-130 grade 13B


Product Overview:

It is the smallest portable fire extinguisher in the world. It innovatively combines high efficiency gas producing agents and fire extinguishing agents, and uses the heat and power generated by gas producing agents to decompose and release high efficiency fire extinguishing ingredients through chemical reaction. This new type of fire extinguishing device is a world first, which integrates hot aerosol chemical fire extinguishing and superfine dry powder physical cover fire extinguishing principle into one unit. It is better than traditional fire extinguishers in terms of portability, safety and extinguishing ability. 

As a new type of fire extinguishing equipment, it has the remarkable characteristics of high fire extinguishing efficiency, safe and reliable, non-toxic and harmless, without any pollution to the environment. It is widely applicable to families, cars, equipment and other daily living and working environment in the initial fire extinguishing. 

Compared with the traditional pressure fire extinguishers (such as dry powder, carbon dioxide, etc.), it does not need pressure storage, thus saving the annual inspection and maintenance costs, and there are no corresponding safety risks. At the same time, the product has many advantages such as small size, green environmental protection, easy operation, reliable performance and so on, which other traditional fire extinguishers cannot have.

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Characteristics And Benefits

Widely suitable for flammable solids, liquids, gases and electrical fires

High extinguishing efficiency, safe and reliable

Small and light, easy to carry

Non-toxic, harmless, without any pollution to the environment

Keep the environment clean, almost no agent remaining after extinguished

Normal pressure storage & No maintenance required

Testing Report & Approvals by China National Fire Equipment Inspection Center

European certificate by ENTE according to standard EN 3-8:2006+AC:2007 and CE Directive(s): 2014/68/EU (Pressure Equipment)

Adopts aerospace technology & Military quality

Patents for invention, utility model and appearance design


Extinguishing Agent

Superfine Dry Powder

Extinguishing Rating


Extinguishing Distance


Extinguishing Time

≥ 8s

Operating Temperature

-20°C~+55°C Related Humidity: ≤95% (40±2°C)

Service Life

4 years


Diameter 260mm, Height 58mm Weight: 470g

Comply With

Standard: EN 3-8:2006+AC:2007; related to CE Directive(s): 2014/68/EU (Pressure Equipment)Q/ST001-2018

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