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Conventional Infrared Reflective Beam Smoke Detector BD106

Product Overview:

Conventional Beam Detector is a non-addressable infrared beam smoke detector, which must be used together with a reflector. 

The number of reflector(s) to be used (one or four) depends on the distance from the detector.

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Characteristics And Benefits: 


Wide operating voltage range, big monitoring areas.

Combination of the emitting and receiving part makes mounting easy and optical pathway accurate.

Built-in microprocessor enables intelligent judgment of fire alarm and fault.

The detector can calibrate automatically, which ensures that one person complete adjustment in short time. It's also convenient to operate.

Self-diagnosis function can monitor the inner fault.

Automatic compensation for factors weakening received signals, such as dust contamination, positional excursion and ageing transmitter.

It has passive output contacts for fire alarm and fault.

Two sensitivity levels can be set in field.

The detector's optical pathway is designed with strong anti-interference ability.

SMT processing technology.

Attractive and decent appearance.


Power Voltage

15VDC to 28VDC

Power Current

Commission current›20mA Standby current›12mA Alarm current›22mA

Fire Alarm And Fault Contact Output

Contact capacity 28V/2A, which is normally open in normal state and closed in fire alarm state.

Fire Alarm Relay

Contact capacity 28V/2A, which is normally open in normal state and closed in fire alarm state.

Fault Relay

Contact capacity 28V/2A, which is normally open in normal state and closed in fault state.

Angle Of Adjusting

-6 to+6

Sensitivity Level

Level 1: High sensitivity. Level 2: Medium sensitivity.

Operating Environment

Temperature: -10C to +50C

Relative Humidity

95%, non condensing

Monitoring Area

Maximum monitoring area: 1400m2

Maximum Width


Length Of Optical Pathway

8m to 100m

Protection Level

Under common environment, ingress protection rating is IP20. Under  special  environment,  ingress  protection  rating  is  IP66  through  glue-seal treatment.


Length: 206mm width: 95mm thickness: 95mm

Material And Color Of Enclosure

ABS, gray



Mounting Hole Spacing

Spacing for embedding 158mm

Spacings For Surface Mounting

79mm to 96mm

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