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Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport, one of the most busiest airports in the world, located at Chek Lap Kok, Lantau, New Territories, Hong Kong. The airport serves as a gateway to Hong Kong and acts as a transfer point to passengers for tour and business. 

The terminal building is expensive with billions of dollars of construction cost. Therefore, it is very important to ensure life safety and normal operation of the airport. It is one of the biggest passenger terminals in the world and has an 8-level building of approximately 450000 m2 of gloss floor area containing a wide variety of occupancies and functional areas. The airport was built to handle an annual capacity of 35 million passengers and 1.4 × 106 tons of air cargoes . It is very important that Orena’s fire alarm system can be provided properly to ensure life safety and continuous operation of the airport. 

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