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China Everbright Bank Headquarter, Shenzhen, China

China Everbright Bank Headquarter is located in the central west area of Shenzhen, opposites the Futian Transportation Hub, and has a quadruple transportation system. The project uses ecological design techniques. In the commercial apartments and office floors, each floor is equipped with a sky garden, with a shared atrium in the middle, which becomes a clue to connect all public spaces, and at the same time becomes a container for accommodating various social relations, creating natural lighting , Natural ventilation, natural green. 

Building area: 49,000 square meters 

Parking space configuration: 20 above ground and 200 underground

Standard floor area: 1800 square meters 

Elevator configuration: 7 passenger elevators, 1 freight elevator

Lobby height: 6 meters

Security system: Covering IC card control system, closed circuit television monitoring system, door sensor monitoring system, 24-hour patrol system, parking control and license plate recognition system, emergency power supply, lighting and sound reinforcement system, Orena’s intelligent fire detection and alarm system, automatic sprinkler system.

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