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Visual Analog Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector H02P


Product Overview:

The Visual addressable smoke detector integrates infrared smoke detection, fire video shooting and transmission and other functions. It is high sensitivity, fast alarms, excellent performance, and durable. The detector adopts advanced microprocessors, intelligent learning algorithms and sophisticated manufacturing processes. 

It is widely used in very important places that require rapid alarm (such as petrochemical industry, large industrial parks, substations, power distribution rooms, wind turbine cabins, underground pipe corridors, subways, tunnels, telecommunication base stations, computer rooms, data centers, Archives, warehouses, important places for high-value equipment and materials, places with high fire risk, places with flammable and explosive dangers, unattended places, remote places with frequent false alarms).

The detector supports electronic coding for addressing, it can connect with H5800 fire alarm control panel. Once fire alarm goes off, video image shall be transmitted to the fire alarm control penal in real time. The on-duty personnel can view the fire scene video in no delay, quickly eliminate false alarms, accurately confirm the real fire alarm, and carry out one-key plan.

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Characteristics And Benefits: 

Alarm accuracy

Combination of multi-sensor fire detection and image recognition technology, application of artificial intelligence image technology, self-learning and continuous accumulation of environmental information, automatic optimization and adjustment of detection sensitivity in different places, it greatly reduces the high false alarm rate of traditional fire detectors.

Fast alarm

It can optimize the fire judgment model algorithm and communication protocol, greatly shorten alarm response time in the early stage of the fire (from 8-10 seconds to less than 2 seconds).l

Embedded with Two-bus current and pulse width digital signal transmission technology, it is reliable in communication with strong anti-interference performance.

Specially designed optical labyrinth, it is dust-proof, fast response and good consistency.

Special three coating protection technology, it comes up with moisture-proof, mildew-proof and corrosion-proof.

Concise and low profile design, the detector height is 34mm only(including base).

Circular status indicator, 360 degrees visible in any direction.

Easy Plug-in design, the base can rotate 360 degrees in any direction to snap in.

SEMS screws and plate spring for reliable contact.

Two-wire system with non polarity.


Operating Voltage


Monitoring Current

≤1 mA

Alarm Current

≤100 mA

Video Image Resolution


Monitoring Area

40m2 (installation height 3 meters) / 160m2 (installation height 6 meters)

Wire Specifications

Two-wire system, non-polarity, RVS copper core twisted pair, cross-sectional area ≥ 1.5 mm2, maximum communication distance of 1500 meters


diameter 130mm height 34mm (including base)

Product Weight

180g (high-strength composite engineering plastic)

Operating Environment

Temperature: -10°C~+50°C; relative humidity: ≤95RH (40°C±2°C)

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