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Strategic Cooperation

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Xu Zhijun, Rotating Chairman of Huawei, visited Orena booth in Shanghai World Expo Center on September 20, 2019.

We jointly develop SmartEye digital fire alarm system H5800 with one of Fortune Global 500 based on both professional experience and expertise of respective advantages. SmartEye H5800 system adopts the advanced IoT communication and artificial intelligence technology.  

The system integrates fire alarm, video surveillance in real-time, emergency voice alarm, and fire intercom via a two-wire bus. The unique IoT structure of cloud/networks/edge computing/field devices and AI technology can solve problems like high false alarm rate, slow response on alarm, and complicated integration, and create a new generation fire alarm system with a fresh application of AI technology. SmartEye system can be widely applied to high-end buildings, real estates, new energy industries, petrochemicals, mines, tunnels, underground pipe corridors, rail transit, airports, large industrial parks, wind power generation, transformer substations, 5G communication base stations, logistics, prisons, specific buildings, etc. 

Advanced Technology It Adopts.


 IoT Gateway

PLC Module

 Digit Communication

                                   AI Computing Module
Edge Computing

  • Wideband digital communication is realized on existing fire signal loop circuit

  • High integration. This multi-purpose control panel Integrates fire detection and alarm, graphic display, information transmission, broadcasting & telephone host into a control panel.

  • With rich communication interfaces of PLC/ RS232/ RS485/ CAN/ Ethernet/ Fiber/ 5G/ WiFi6/ Bluetooth

  • Edge computing technology realizes local analysis and judgment of the fire video

  • Compatible with both traditional addressable and visual & vocal field devices.

  • Independent intellectual property rights of PLC chip and module

  • Linux Docker management enables business innovation


Visual Smoke Detector
Vocal Sounder Strobe
Vocal Manual Call Point
Tranditional Fire Alarm System

■    Unable to quickly confirm the alarm and need to run to the scene for confirmation 

■    The fire situation on remote site is unknown in security center

■    Single buzzer and warning light make fire indication information scarce

■    Disorderly evacuation to occur crowding and trampling

■    Receiving an alarm only is difficult to know the specific fire situation

■    It is difficult to start the fire emergency plan timely without the information of fire situation on site

SmartEye H5800 Fire Alarm System

■    Remote quick confirmation to gain the precious 3 minutes

■    Real-time video to timely follow up the fire situation on site

■    Differentiated voice alarm enables sufficient fire indication information

■    Intelligent orderly evacuation according to building layout and current fire situation

■    Know the fire situation the first time in fire center via voice intercom

■    Timely and accurately start the fire emergency plan according to the first-hand fire information


To meet various requirements in your market, we pride to offer complete fire protection system and standalone products. For OEM/ODM service, please go to OEM/ODM

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